Last Name First Name Graduation Favorite quote or story Thank you for
Wang Ben 2011 all the time you've put into helping us and being there when we needed someone to talk to!
DeMink Dustin 2011 I come into Mr. Streeter's office for a senior meeting and the first thing he tells me is that he was afraid since the last kid he had was having projectile vomiting and still came into KAMSC for his meeting. guiding me through the Heyl trials.
Wiers Kelsey 2011 DEAD line All the connections and fantastic advice.
Vorbrich Willie 2011 "a lot of slaps in the face this year." Re: UM decisions. All your help planning college visits and deciding what schools would be right for me. Your knowledge and connections have been invaluable to me. Thank you!
Broomell Tracy 2011 Nothing specific: I just love how much he often rambles. :] always being there with your vast amounts of knowledge to help us younger folk along in the college process; you were infinitely more helpful than anyone at my home school. Especially thank you for the forced college projects, because as annoying as they were, they actually helped a lot.
Raphelson Janna 2011 I would just like to thank Mr. Streeter for all his time and effort on my behalf and on the behalf of my peers in the class of 2011. His services to kamsc have been some of the most valuable and unique I believe available at the center. Thanks to him we will be moving on to great experiences in post secondary education, and I hope whom ever will replace him will be as supportive of future classed as he has been of all of us.
VanderSloot Benjamin 2011 "Transact the business at hand or exit the commode" - Pretty much senior year in a nutshell helping all of us along our way and pushing us to choose the right direction to take our lives
Durham Emily 2011 I always loved the snide remarks about a certain teacher I won't specifically name. helping me find the college of my dreams.
Price Maddy 2011 Thank you so much for being a part of my college admissions process this year. From editing last minute essays to sitting down with me and my family to make the big decisions, you always stuck around (even when most everyone else knew it was safer to stay away). You certainly made a very stressful time more pleasant, and somehow all of your stories make everything seem simpler. I pity the students who will not have the privilege of having you as their college counselor. Thank you!
Texel Jacob 2011 "You have something called white male syndrome." Helping me get ready for college and college applications.
Wunderlich Cole 2011 "My God, you have the resume of a 35 year old!": "Its a dead line (draws line in air with finger). (points to one side) Alive, (points to other) dead.": "Put the champagne back in the fridge, pop the dent out of your ego, and move on with your life" Thank you for your invaluable help and advice with college. From critiquing essays to helping me keep my options open while battling with migraines you have been an extremely valuable resource. I appreciate your honesty, frankness, and sharp whit. The juniors will sorely miss you and so will I. You'll need to stop by and visit Patrick and me at Purdue some time! (we will buy you a Purdue tie) Have an excellent retirement, Cole Wunderlich
Morris Family The 2011 Thank you for all the patience and help you gave us through out the KAMSC journey. Alexandra is going to the college of her dreams thanks to you and all your KAMSC colleagues. We will never forget all you have done for our daughter. We wish you the best in your retirement. Chris, Jeannine, and Alexandra Morris
Cordes Olivia 2010 helping me choose Calvin College. I love it here and you helped me realize that this was the best choice for me!
Flynn Annie 2010 Someone once went out for a drink of water during a class in senior year. It was during the time that Mr. Streeter was snatching everyone for college talks. After not returning for more than five minutes, someone commented, "Streeter got him!" It was great. Thank you for helping me so much with my college choices and military decisions. I appreciate it all so much.
Miller Julia 2010 Thank you for making us think about college way in advance. The college papers were not very fun freshman or sophomore year, but it helped me a ton to figure out what I wanted to do. The check-ups that you had during application time were helpful as well! Thank you very much. I know I wouldn't be as secure in my college choice if it wasn't for your help.
Wu Isabella 2010 supporting us like a parent! Thank you for supporting me in choosing the school that I felt most comfortable at, not just the one with the highest ranking or the lowest cost. I'm so grateful that you were always willing to listen, and reassess if necessary--a great quality in anyone, but especially in a counselor.
Turney Daniel 2010 Thank you for all of your assistance in the college application process. Not only did you know people at many universities (which helped), but you also knew the students (us). I came to KAMSC junior year from New Jersey. Looking back I have absolutely no regrets. We were all different students that had different abilities, different perspectives, and different lives. Out of all of these different expectations, you were able to read these and either encourage or direct us each in the right direction. I am currently loving Michigan State University and appreciate your guidance more than you'll ever know. Three years from now I should be a graduate and you will have been an integral part of that process. Thank you
Green Taryn 2010 I loved all the Kamsc "gods and goddesses". Honestly, the day Mr. Streeter pointed at me and said I was a kamsc goddess was the day I first felt I was truly smart. Everything. You truly helped me get through the college process, de-stressing, figuring everything out, and bouncing ideas off of. My parents and I thank you so much. (Sorry this is so late!)
Sharma Sonali 2009 "Thou shall not trick-or-treat til applications are complete" Mr. Streeter, Thank you for all your advice and support throughout my years at KAMSC! Wishing you a happy retirement!
Itani Alaa 2009 At the Class of 2009 graduation, you congratulated parents for raising KAMSC kids and encouraged them to produce more. Thank you for your guidance, patience, and advice throughout my high school career! In my decision between several college options, you provided an unbiased account of each of my choices. I have greatly appreciated your support in this important time. Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement!
Falahee Bryn 2009 Thank you so much for all your help in the college decision process. I could tell that you always had the best interest of each student in mind as you helped us choose where to apply, and finally where to attend. Your candid comments made the decision process enjoyable and added a necessary comedic element. Thank you for all your time, devotion, and work. The chance to work with a college admissions counselor at KAMSC was one of the outstanding features of the place. The effort you put in to bring officers to KAMSC and to visit admissions offices was remarkable and so helpful. All the Best, Bryn
Wertz Chelsey 2008 "You may not trick or treat till applications are complete!" Thank you for always inspiring me Mr. Streeter! Before KAMSC I was just this lowly Comstock kid, who didn't expect to go anywhere notable for college. WMU was at the top of my list. And then through one of your magical speeches my first year at KAMSC you helped me realize that WMU didn't have to be the end of the road, that KAMSC made our potential limitless. You inspired me to work harder, do more extracurricular activities, to get leadership and to really make my application shine. This advice has carried me all the way through, and I am now using it on my applications for med school. I can't help but think to myself how fantastic it would be to have you personally coach me through them as well as they are far more complicated! I am so sad to see you go, although you deserve the best retirement in the world, I can't help but think of all the future KAMSC saps who won't have your excellent guidance, speeches and hilarious analogies to get them through too. All the best ::hugs!::
Boniface Jordan 2008 I'm sure everyone else remembers this one too... "You shall not trick-or-treat 'til applications are complete!" Thanks for steering me onto the right track through the maze of college applications. Whether or not I would have made it on my own is not the issue, you made it seem simple(ish) and straight forward. Thanks!
Gupta Aakash 2008 finding Indian food my family found quite bland awfully spicy. being an absolute inspiration to many KAMSC students, setting their sights on the right goal: getting into a great college. traveling around the country to represent KAMSC. coming to dinner to meet with my family and deal with many other anxious kids/ parents. being absolutely hilarious while informative. being you.
Williams Griffin 2008 Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know each person individually. I am learning more and more how rare that is. I felt that you connected and helped each person (especially me!) with whatever experience you could. Your attention to detail is amazing!
Chu Charles 2008 the incredible support and guidance you provided during one of the most important periods of my life. The perspective and wisdom that you contributed will stay with me for many years to come.
Huang Jasmine 2008 I remember when I was a senior, my UMich application materials, along with those of 2 or 3 other students, mysteriously went "missing." Without Mr. Streeter, we wouldn't have been able to directly connect with the admissions rep - and now all of us are graduating from Michigan next Winter. everything! I know that several members of my class felt much more confident when applying to schools and thought much more realistically because of your guidance. I hope to see you again in the future, whether it be at KAMSC events or perhaps at other events put on by KAMSC students.
VanderSloot Christine 2008 helping me make my 'Michigan miracle' possible. Michigan has been everything I dreamed of and more in every way. Not only am I at my dream school, but being here has brought me a group of friends that will be with me for a life time (just like my KAMSC family). I really can't thank you enough. My 'Michigan miracle' wouldn't have been possible without you.
Sket Georgina 2007 "The first one's a throwaway..." reassuring my mother that if this first round didn't go well, she would have plenty of time to get a hang of the whole getting-your-kid-to-college thing. the last four years. I would not be where I am now (about to graduate from Kalamazoo College... debt-free) without the guidance that I received. I am tremendously grateful, and am also fully aware of the fact that getting the assistance that I did has truly made an impact on my life. It's not something I'm going to forget.
Caple Dylan 2007 making your presentations funny, and for helping guide us into the matriculation process. KAMSC was lucky to have you!
Cox Daniel 2007 Two pieces of interview advice given to my class that I've always remembered (and have come in very helpful!): 1. Be cerebral, if you can 2. Often young males put on an aftershave that... lingers. Thou shall *not* linger Thank you for the wonderful advice you gave me while I was hemming and hawing between schools - it came down to a free ticket to Lake Superior, U of M with no scholarship, and Case Western, made the same price as in-state UM. You helped me make the right choice - I loved my time at UM so much, I decided to start a dual-master's program there in Engineering Sustainable Systems in the fall. Thanks so much!
Brown Carolyn 2007 your continued support over the years. Even as I had begun my college career and was looking to transfer, you were just as happy to help and support me a second time around. No other counselor I know of would take time to visit students on campus and take them to dinner to catch up. I have always felt very celebrated by you Mr. Streeter, and want you to know how much we all celebrate you and your work as well!
Crosby Katie 2007 It definitely has to be "You shall not trick-or-treat 'til applications are complete!"
Zhang Hyden 2006 being incredibly motivating. You were never pushy or overbearing, yet you very powerfully moved my peers and me to focus and act for our futures. My wife and I were honored by your presence at our wedding.
HOPKINS ALEX 2006 Mr. Streeter and I visited the MIT admissions department to give them information about KAMSC. For the entire conversation he referred to Harvard as "that small brick school down the road". Keeping expectations at exactly the right level during the college admissions process. High enough to try to get into stretch schools, but grounded enough to not be too devastated if we didn't.
Bradstreet Ryan 2006 "Do not go out to trick or treat until college applications are complete" - I know I'll use that with my kids someday! Thanks! Mr. Streeter, The work you did in preparing us for college was one of the most important aspects that set KAMSC apart in the community. You gave us the information necessary to pursue our goals at the best institutions across the country, and as a result, left a lasting impact on the West Michigan community. Thank you for making the fall of my senior year stressful, but my winter and spring enjoyable as I reaped the benefits of my hard work and dedication.
Jenkins Alyssa 2006 Thank you so much for all the work you did for our (and every) senior class at KAMSC. I was able to go to the University of Michigan on a full ride and I am incredibly thankful for all the work you put in to help us, KAMSC students get into our dream schools!
Zhang Margaret 2006 Consistently supporting me and my music - far more than anyone would have asked you to. I can't tell you how touched I was that you came to several of my concerts and even came to Hyden and my wedding last summer. My hope is that I'll be able to make good on your belief in me - though I don't yet know what this career of mine will become!
Yagi Brian 2006 I hope that this email finds you in great health and spirits. I wanted to drop you a message expressing my congratulations on your retirement and a heartfelt thanks for everything you've done. First, a catchup: I graduated from Michigan last year with a B.S. in Cellular Molecular Biology (w. High Honors). For the last year, I have been living in Washington D.C. and working for the NIH. Specifically, I study the kinetics of immune reconstitution in cancer patients who have undergone a bone marrow transplant. I chose to go to the NIH because I am interested in the avenues in which science intersects with law, specifically, the policy and regulatory factors that shape the biomedical research landscape. During my time here, I've been able to learn a tremendous amount along those lines, and I've become acquainted with the legal and policy team at the NIH. It's truly been a fantastic year for me. Next, I'm off to St. Louis to go to Wash U Law. While looking for housing this last week, I crossed paths with a mutual acquaintance of ours, Brandon Harper, whom I knew as a competitor on Wash U's mock trial team before he became an admissions officer. He also sends his best. The primary reason I'm writing is to express how grateful I am that you were involved in my educational life. It was truly a blessing to have someone like you as an advocate, and I always felt privileged knowing that you were flying around to various campuses and going to bat for me (and countless other students). Although I may not have landed in my "dream school", I still recognize and appreciate all of the hard work you put in on my behalf. Most importantly, I remember the deep conversations we had about the things in life that are more important than the name of the school on your diploma. It is for those lessons that I am most grateful. You truly personify the investment in students' long term success and happiness for which KAMSC strives. I hope that you've received an avalanche of emails like this one from KAMSC alums, as my email alone couldn't possibly cover all of the gratification that you deserve. Have a fantastically relaxing and enjoyable retirement!
Hambright Matt 2005 When trying to decide on what college to go to, I had a lot of options and couldn’t settle on the best school for me. In one meeting with Mr. Streeter he told me to go with my gut, and once I made my choice he said to "Put the blinders on and don't look back." Don't be concerned with what could have been, how much money you could have saved by going to this school or that school, etc. Just stick with your choice and do whatever it takes to get there. Since then I've used that philosophy in other parts of my life such as choosing a major and choosing what do to after undergrad. I’ve recently completed both my BS and MS from the University of Michigan in civil engineering and I'm currently working with a consulting firm in downtown Detroit and I have Mr. Streeter to thank for that.
Andrews Ryan 2005 Pushing us, encouraging us, and guiding us towards our futures. Your words still ring true well after graduation and I know I'll be referring back to your advice and favorite phrases for years to come.
Rodia Nicole 2005 encouraging me to apply to top engineering schools and to not be afraid to go to a particular university just because it is far away and out of my comfort zone.
Schultz Ben 2005 Thanks for all the help and guidance you provided to me during the confusing and often frustrating college search. I would've never had the opportunities I have in life without KAMSC, and I would've never started thinking as seriously about college as I did without your constant reminders. Thanks for sticking your neck out for KAMSC and its students for so long. Your influence and affect on our community and the lives of its brightest young students will be felt for many many years to come.
Hines George 2004 "It's called a deadline. Cross it and you're dead." (In reference to freshman college paper due date.) Building up one of the most unique aspects of KAMSC.
Mediratta Rishi 2004 I remember when you came over to our house for dinner and inspired me and my parent think about the infinite possibilities and helped me think about how I could reach my goals. Thank you for your source of inspiration, your commitment to me and my future. Your kindness, energy, and commitment to students is uniquely special.
Shah Zeil 2004 Anything related to college paper due dates. teaching me to stand up for myself!
LeRoy Evan 2004 By the time I graduated from KAMSC, I knew the matriculation statistics almost verbatim and that was a good thing! It really drove home that others before me had "done it and been successful" and so could I. He was very involved throughout high school and always available for career/college consulting. helping me prepare for college, my career and contributing to a truly rich experience at KAMSC.
(Freeman) Klopack Diane 2004 Thank you for your many years of service to the KAMSC community. There are hundreds, probably thousands of KAMSC grads who have benefited from your wisdom and advice in college selection and education. I was proud to be the first on your list to attend American University! Wish you all the best in a well-deserved retirement.
patel shivani 2003 "go out there and reproduce like rabbits" ... i know you didn't mean it in a social darwinist way ... being a supportive and laid back teacher through those stressful years at kamsc! best in your retirement.
Matusiak Laura 2003 I will always associate the word matriculate (matriculation, etc) with Mr. Streeter. It's not a word that is used often (especially during daily conversation) but he must have broken some kind of record for the amount of times he used it during his career. Granted, it made sense that that word would be part of his vocabulary given his role at KAMSC, but still... those words will forever make me think of Mr. Streeter.
Eldersveld Michael 2003 When I think of Mr. Streeter I think of the KAMSC matriculation data. Any lecture he gave on college placement always focused around him showing the matriculation data. Thanks for all your advice and support during my years at KAMSC. It helped make the application process for college more meaningful and less stressful. Engaging the students to consider and research their career goals and college choices starting freshman year is something that I was only able to experience because of your work at KAMSC.
krishnamurthy sowmya 2002 your college and career advice during my high school years; a time that can be frustrating, confusing, but ultimately rewarding.
Hong Arthur 2002 His stories always made it sound like he was strong-arming and browbeating college admissions officers to let in KAMSC kids...or else - and I always hoped, for comedy's sake, that he was doing exactly that. For the passion and dedication you showed, for doggedly going to bat for any student, for being open and kind to me and my family. All the best in your "true" retirement!
Bronson Jeremy 2002 During a presentation to our class, Mr. Streeter wanted to explain how easy it was to find information about a college's typical freshman class profiles. So he called his friend Stanford. "You can call up Stanford," he began, putting his hand in the universal telephone shape and holding it to his ear, "and ask: Hello, Stanford? Tell me what your freshman class looks like." He turned and looked up at the audience: "And they'll tell you!" He paused to let the moment resonate. But what was absurdly funny to us was that as he delivered that last line, he moved the "phone" away from his mouth and covered the mouthpiece with his other hand. This was uniquely Streeter for a few reasons: 1. His reduction of the class profile research process into a casual call to the collective "Stanford." 2. That he kept the phone at his ear when talking to the students. He seemed genuinely interested in hearing the information that Stanford was telling him; he did not want to end the conversation abruptly. 3. Nor did he want to be rude to the imaginary, collective Stanford on the other end of the line. So of course he muffled the speaker; it was the polite thing to do. Bending over backwards to see that KAMSC is recognized and appreciated.
Jensen Ross 2002 Thank you for demanding so much from us in terms of our futures and for refusing to sugar-coat reality. Your matter-of-fact approach and high expectations helped me to make wise choices and continue to help my own students as I push them on to greater things.
Daniel Malini 2002 Every once in awhile, I get a call from an old KAMSC friend with the greeting, "Hello, Johns Hopkins?" We used to think that was hilarious! Also, I'll never forget how jealous I made a room full of Andover, Stuyvesant and Dalton graduates when my high school college counselor came to take me and other Boston-area KAMSC kids out to dinner. Harvard wasn't even on my initial college list; not only did Mr. Streeter encourage me to think about it, he also forced me to meet the Harvard admissions counselor who was doing a recruiting trip at KAMSC who made me reconsider applying. Harvard was a life-changing experience for me; the peer group and mentorship I had there helped me grow in so many ways and really shaped the person I've become. When I think about how fortunate I was to have gone there, I never forget that it was all because of one particularly concerned and actively involved man-- the very same man who has cared and still cares enough about me holistically to be concerned about my family as well. Thank you, Mr. Streeter, for being an exceptional mentor and friend.
Koetje Bethany 2001 I always loved when Mr Streeter came to visit Cornell and we'd meet up. At KAMSC it's easy to feel like you're not that special when you are surrounded by talented kids. I told him that once at one of these visits, that I felt I hadn't really accomplished that much compared to the rest of the students. He turned to me and said "You went to Cornell, you're double majoring in two engineering fields, what do you mean you haven't accomplished that much. What you are doing is something to brag about". It made me realize that everyone has their own path to follow, mine might not have been to be a doctor, or a PhD, but what I had done was in fact quite a feat and no less admirable. That I will never forget. Thanks for visiting Mr. Streeter, when the semester was dragging on you it was so nice to see a familiar face.
Hamilton Kim 2001 all your support through the years for all of my family -- my husband, both his and my mothers, my sister...we feel so blessed to have someone as prolific at Mr. Streeter in our lives!
Clapp Kelly 2001 "We're not laughing at you, we're laughing near you!" helping prepare us for college- what to expect, how to go about choosing schools, and basically filling in all the gaps with the information that no one ever tells you. Thanks a ton, and I know KAMSC will miss you!
Breza Emily 2001 Thank you for getting me into Yale. I had the most incredible four years in New Haven and I feel that you and KAMSC deserve all of the credit. I especially enjoyed your visits to New Haven. Just to let you know, I am now pursuing a PhD in economics at MIT. Thank you!
Williams Conor 2001 I had an extremely rare experience with Mr. Streeter on my first day at Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Maine) in August of 2001. I knew that Mr. Streeter was planning on being in the area; he had nebulously promised that he would "find me if he had the time." As I was heading out to hike the Appalachian Trail the next day on a Pre-Orientation trip, I was sleeping that night in the Fieldhouse with ~300 of my soon-to-be classmates (the dorms weren't open for another week). I was nervous, trying to project my social worth as I forgot every name I'd just learned. As the sun began to set into the pine trees at the edge of the rugby fields, I was tossing a frisbee with some new friends. From out of nowhere, I heard my name. As I knew that no one at Bowdoin could possibly have known it yet, I was startled. It was, predictably, Mr. Streeter. He walked over with his wife, unexpectedly comfortable and calm in the midst of hundreds of loud, energetic 18 year olds. Our conversation was brief-he was encouraging, inquisitive as always-even one thousand miles from home, Mr. Streeter put me completely at ease. We shared a few stories, rolled our eyes at familiar frustrations, and he was gone. It was a disjunctive moment in a day which was already sharply detached from my life thus far, but I've always appreciated that he took the time to search Bowdoin's campus that day. He only wanted ten minutes of my time, and I can't imagine how long it took him to find out where all the first-year students were that day, not to mention that I was one in a crowd of hundreds. In the end, what matters to me is that I must be one of only a handful of KAMSC students who can claim that Mr. Streeter brought them beyond the Admissions Office, but to his first day on campus. Thanks, Mr. Streeter, for your commitment to my (and all of our) success.
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Deming Gavin 2000 I told Mr. Streeter that Wheaton College (my-then top choice) put me on their waiting list but wrote a little note on the letter stating I was in the top 4 on the list... His reply: "Piss on Wheaton. You don't need them anyway." ...I greatly appreciated my education at Hope College and University of Pennsylvania. Keeping standards high and encouraging us all to stay on point with future goals. I still like to tell others that I had to have my applications in by Thanksgiving, to the surprise of those I tell.
Roselander Jason 2000 helping me get into Michigan. I don't know if you remember, but you suggested the School of Natural Resources and Environment. I transferred to Computer Science Engineering a year later and finished with a Masters in December '04. It worked our really well. Congratulations--enjoy your retirement!
Glazer Jenny 2000 Thank you for having high expectations for all of us. You didn't sell anyone short. You were confident that we all had the potential to go to the college of our dreams. That attitude had a great impact on many students, some who may have never even stepped into your office. My mother was so inspired by your college-placement work that she seriously considered getting into the field herself. You really motivated her. While she hasn't pursued a job in college-placement counseling professionally, she's definitely a go-to person amongst my friends and family for college advice. Thanks for making such an impact on her life.
Knutson Heather 2000 I was deciding between Johns Hopkins and Caltech for college, and I could tell he really wanted me to go to Caltech, but didn't want to tell me what to do... I went to Hopkins in the end (sorry Mr. Streeter!) but now I'm working on a PhD in astronomy at Harvard, so I don't think it turned out too badly... :o). In either case, it really boosted my confidence to realize I could rely on this incredible network he had built up over the years as I was shopping and debating my choice of school. I stayed with a KAMSC alum at Caltech when I visited (there were none at Hopkins until I went there!), and it was those visits that helped me make the right choice in the end. Keeping up the KAMSC network! Going to KAMSC was the best part of high school, and I still keep in touch with many of my KAMSC friends, but my family moved to NJ two years after I left for college, and if it wasn't for Mr. Streeter's visits and efforts with the KAMSC website/alumni database I might have lost touch with all of the KAMSC people back in MI. That link means a lot, and now that I live in Cambridge it's been great to talk to all of the other KAMSC alumns living in the area during the dinners when Mr. Streeter visits...not to mention the great conversations with Mr. Streeter himself! We'll miss him here in Cambridge... of course, just because he's retired doesn't mean he can't visit!
Glazer Cindy 2000 The help you provided for my daughter, Jenny Glazer (class of 2000). The college research project you managed for 4 years led to a tour of colleges that helped her land in exactly the right spot. I copied your methods for my other 2 children with the same great results. And now I am encouraging nieces and nephews to do the same. I cannot imagine where Jenny would have gone to school without your input - in fact, it leads to scary thoughts! Mr. Streeter, you have been SO instrumental in the happiness and development and education of all 3 of my children and you only ever met the one... Thank you VERY much and enjoy your well earned retirement.
Lindberg Shawn 2000 Thanks Mr. Streeter for supporting my interest in attending a college few KAMSC kids had - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! It ended up being a great fit for me.
Jamil Ahmed 1999 Every year around this time I get a chuckle at the fact that I knew how to do taxes better when I was in the 10th grade and unemployed than I do now. It really isn't even close. And I have Mr. Streeter and Excel to thank for that. Being to KAMSC what so many top private schools pay much much more for. I did not realize it when I was in high school, or even undergrad; it is quite obvious now that having someone in a position such as Mr. Streeter's, with a very strong network and great selling skills, is vital for students fighting for spots at top programs. That he did this all for public school kids in Kalamazoo MI of all places when his services could easily have translated and been immensely useful at the Cranbrooks of the world says everything you really need to know about Mr. Streeter.
Jain Shikha 1999 always being there to support me through high school and after. I really appreciated all of your guidance and advice through the years. KAMSC was a richer place with you as a part of it.
patel shivani 1999 encouraging us to reproduce like rabits treating us like adults.
Erickcek Adrienne 1999 encouraging me to go to Princeton. You told me that the opportunities at Princeton would justify the added expense. You were right (and even my parents agree).
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Hall Lesley 1998 My favorite Mr. Streeter story actually occurred post-KAMSC. During my sophomore year at Duke I was contacted by him because he was going to be in town and wanted to take me out to dinner. Mr. Streeter must really know the value of a free meal to a college student :) Seriously though, I was very honored that a former teacher would go so far out of their way. taking an interest in me and my academic/professional success throughout the years!
Kogan Rob 1998 What comes to my mind more than anything else is that I was lucky enough to have Mr. Streeter as a teacher during the mid-90's head-end of the ubiquity of computers and the internet. His foresight of the importance of teaching us even the most basic computer and internet functionality gave us a solid foundation of skills that have proved invaluable in the modern working environment. Even if I wasn't his best student, I knew he cared about what he was doing for us.
Hines Elena 1998 Thanks for all your work with the website and your attempts to keep KAMSC students connected. This is a valuable resource. Thanks also for the work you poured into our lives. I remember trying to learn Excel and failing miserably, but now finding it a very helpful program in many ways. Also the college paper ... I didn't end up going to any of those schools but it got me thinking in that direction. At any rate, I can't believe you are retiring! You are a legend and will be missed!!
Sims Barry 1998 It was too long ago to remember specifics, but I always looked forward to and appreciated the stand up comedy act that Streeter called "teaching." I also remember that his class my freshman year involved an hour and fifteeen minutes of surfing the internet everyday - that's it. That's what we were told to do and we did it. I think the internet porn industry might have been born in that class. helping me design my first website and for being one of the rare teachers who pushes kids to explore and experiment on their own without constraints and limitations.
Stenesh Oron 1998 for being such a support to alumni. It was so nice to still have a connection with you after high school and so much fun to reconnect at Clarke's in Evanston, etc. Your care and concern for alumni experience paired with the relationships you developed with admissions folk was so beneficial to KAMSC and its students. Also, I always appreciate your good wishes for anything I'm doing - receiving an e-mail from you saying "break a leg" affirms my decision to go to KAMSC and my fantastic experience there, even though I haven't pursued math and science on a professional level. As a liaison between KAMSC and KAMSC alums, your style, heart and work will be unmatched! Best wishes for a great retirement!
Myers Jason 1998 Making HS interesting and turning us into adults by treating us a little bit like adults.
Hunyadi Sarah 1998 all your help with the college selection process. Thanks also for your funny witticisms and for believing in all of us.
ross chris 1997 we all thought it was annoying at the time, but who (besides you) knew that two weeks of Excel training in 9th grade would put us way ahead of the curve in spreadsheet fluency over the next 10 years. thanks for insisting!
Ditch Lei 1997 'What's my line?' - I have even shamelessly hijacked it for my own use and 'I don't know how to flirt with a guy' - I think it came up during one of his 'what you need to do to nail the college interview' sessions... I guess Mr. Streeter will only go so far for that admission letter! getting me interested in Computer Science, always being available and somehow up to date in everything that I did, and for making all of us at KAMSC feel important about themselves and proud of who we were in high school.
Davis Natalie 1997 everything! Congratulations on your retirement!
Kuo Alex 1997 There are too many funny ones to recount, but my favorite memories of Mr. Streeter involve his visits to me when I was in college - he visited the Boston area twice, and both times were occasions for mini-KAMSC reunions at a great restaurant/pub. To see him outside of KAMSC, still interested in the lives of former students - it reminded me of what great teachers and mentors can do. Thank you for being such a positive and encouraging presence for students like myself. There were many students who were intellectually stimulated by being around so many bright peers, but it takes motivated teachers like you to make us realize our talents and go on to use them outside the 4th floor of kamsc. Thanks, Mr. Streeter!
Schrader Kurt 1997 I was once working on a program with Rocky Russo when our computer crashed and we lost a large portion of our work. After explaining what happened to Mr. Streeter, he simply replied with, "Well, it looks like you're on the corner of Screwed and Screwed. I suggest that you figure out how to get out of there." I still use that quote today whenever things get overly messy at work.
(Zemrowski) Miller Paula 1996 The idea that "manual labor" was other words, entering items into a database by hand instead of using a function to easily fill in the Excel squares. Visiting me on your road trip in the fall of 1999, during my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh. It was great to reconnect with a teacher and a fellow Kalamazoo native. Now that I'm a teacher myself (H.S. biology), I can appreciate a hundred times more what teachers did for us so many years ago! Thank you for helping keep the KAMSC community connected across the country, no matter our age or location.
Peikert Chris 1996 Not so much a specific quote as an entire manner of speaking -- obfuscated but entirely clear, diplomatic yet completely frank, edgy and still somehow appropriate. One couldn't help but to imitate (but never duplicate!) that style.... from the first day of computers class when you let me take on my own independent project, through every trip out to "KAMSC East" in Boston, to your continued caring about the exciting and mundane events in our lives... Thank you! You are a model teacher and mentor.
McGowan Matthew 1996 I don't have a quote or story as much as I just appreciated the dry sense of humor and sarcasm. not flunking me in your class even though I spent most of the time screwing around with Peter Sarantos and looking up stuff on the internet that I shouldn't have been looking up.
Batten Thomas 1996 "Lax Dax" and "Behind Brewer" as part of his motivation to get us 10th graders to complete our Excel assignments. Treating us like adults, and telling us how the world works. A dBase man or not, you understood people very well.
Densmore Douglas 1996 being such an important part of KAMSC and hence my early educational life. I really appreciated your down to earth, straight shooting approach to teaching. Your commitment to and enthusiasm for KAMSC was and is infectious. You made KAMSC personal and always brought a smile to my face. Thanks for everything and best of luck in the future.
Bigelow Lisa 1996 Thank you for taking an interest in what we did outside of school as well as in. Senior year, I had a letter to the editor published in the Gazette, and you were my only teacher who mentioned it and congratulated me -- not to mention in front of the whole class! It made me feel proud.
(Decker) Sawyer Ariane 1996 I can't think of one single quote of Mr. Streeter's that cracks me up, but my favorite vibe was that he was always willing to be just off-color enough to make the corners of your mouth turn up in a smile. Not shy about relating to students on our own level, he could crack you up and provide a student support system in one breath. Being a breath of fresh air and relatable teacher. You could be counted on to relate to students by treating them as adults, but also understanding young peoples' sense of humor. Thank you, too, for making the students - and their lives beyond KAMSC - your first priority, rather than making the school, your class, or yourself your first priority. Best wishes in your retirement. Ariane (Decker) Sawyer (& Mereke (Decker) Carrizosa))
Pascoe-Colvin Theresa 1996 I always loved Mr. Streeter's alternative names for holidays. I think Thanksgiving was "Bite the Bird Day," and Christmas was something like, "The Day Santa Shoves His Butt Down the Chimney." And I still think of him whenever a computer process is taking forever, and I "go out and get a sandwich" to kill the time. Mr. Streeter - I am so appreciative of your help in my college application process-- the way you whipped out an amazing recommendation letter for me when I decided at the last minute that I wanted to go to Wellesley. I think I gave you a day to write it, and you so graciously came through for me. It meant a ton. Also, the post-grad reunions around the country are so much fun, and it's a really incredible thing that you do for all of us. Thank you for everything, and best wishes!!
Fryling Cory 1995 Given that I spend most of my time in front of a computer these days, I have plenty of time for, as Mr. Streeter would say, "fondling my mouse." :-) ...your uncommon wisdom in the college admissions process. It helped me realize that I wasn't alone in the maze!
Slosberg Daniel 1995 OPM - Other People's Money "…and just as addictive as the drug" Making me laugh and helping me learn so much. I use your quotes with my student's now. If you want updates from around the world (I'm in Hong Kong now), send me your eMail address and I'll keep you updated.
Garza-Grande Ricardo 1995 I took a couple of programming classes in college and remember two things about them. They were incredibly easy thanks to Mr. Streeters instruction, and they were incredibly boring compared to Mr. Streeters quips. Thanks for making learning enjoyable!
Johnson Michael 1995 I enjoyed Mr. Streeter's trips to Cambridge, MA to visit the students there. It meant a lot that he spent his own money on things like that - teachers are exactly rolling in the dough. Your tireless efforts on behalf of KAMSC students.
(Pipe) Riesenhuber Leslie 1995 Thank you first of all for making class interesting! I always enjoyed your lectures because they were punctuated with your funny stories and wit. I remembered so much more of the content consequently. And thank you of course so much for the visits to the Boston alumuni/ae while I was in school out there. It mattered deeply to me to know that you cared about the past, present and future KAMSC classes. All the best for your retirement!!
Liston Summer 1995 Getting to know Streeter as an adult has been a pleasure. It's a relationship I value deeply. Our walk on South Haven's beach just this summer was a great chance to catch up on KAMSC gossip and life stories. ...feeding our dreams and guiding us toward them - and for making me smile along the way. You were more confident of my acceptance to Harvard than I ever was, and you were so proud when you were right!
Worthy Kendra 1995 Unfortunately I can't specifically remember Mr. Streeter's quotes, but I definitely remember and appreciate his sense of humor! Mr. Streeter, thank you so much for making my KAMSC experience a grounded and enriching one. I wish you well in your retirement. God Bless! PS, if you are ever in our nation's capitol, look me up!
(Schram) Nicol Dana 1995 ...your sarcasm, dry humor, and most importantly your honesty. Your personality and those qualities made class something I looked forward to. Thanks for being a great teacher – KAMSC is losing a great resource, and future classes will be missing out on a great experience!
Mastervich Beshear Emily 1995 Being completely supportive of my decision to put off furthering my education and instead follow my International equestrian endeavors. While I have not yet made it to the Olympics I am enjoying a very full life with a successful business in Virginia. If retirement includes travel I'd love to have you come to see our farm. The website is Thanks for helping to give me the strength and determination to make my dreams a reality... Plus the computer skills are a big help!!
Kingsley Peggy 1995 Mr. Streeter used to terrify me until I saw him at Damons playing trivia. Then he was just another really smart guy :) teaching me excel. I still use those skills today and am always shocked when new staff at my firm don't know how to sort data, etc. Things that Mr. Streeter had us doing 14 years ago!!!
Chao Larry 1994 "It's really kinda slick" your dry sense of humor, your trust and faith in your students, your guidance and mentorship, your role in Kevin's scholarship, and your continued friendship. Thanks for everything, Mr. Streeter, from both my brother and myself.
Williams Sean 1994 It's tough to come up with just one favorite quote or story. Some of the things said could only be attributed to "Streeterisms", whether it be referring to his wife as a "spousal unit" and his children as "offspring", or his simple and candid (at yet at the same time obscure) way of rewordign the simplest of statements - no matter waht, it was always good for a laugh and insight. He challenges us constantly, and we were always thankful. However, his distinctive voice is what haunted me. My first day at my first "real world" job, I sat down and started working, and swore I heard his voice coming from behind me. It turns out that the guy sitting back there, who had been with the company for 20+ years sounded EXACTLY like him. I had the hardest time calling him by the correct name, that's for sure! introducing me to the world of I.T., and showing me that programming was the best career path for me. You shaped all of us - and we're thankful.
Rinehart Jesse 1994 I'll never forget programming on ancient apple computers and, litterally, the birth of the internet taking place in the "back" computer lab. For all of his attention to our future college educations. His contributions are unmatched!
Bierenga Christi 1994 There are so many to choose from but I think my most memorable Mr. Streeter moment was him calling me out as the "token female" on the computer programming team freshman year. At the awards ceremony, mind you. In front of everyone. Delivered in the patented Streeter monotone, it made everyone laugh. Teaching me that writing in all caps does not mean you're shouting - it's now my "I'm an engineer" method of writing & it always gets attention. Helping me realize that you don't have to be the best at every aspect - pick the one thing you're good at & capitalize on it. Teaching us that you don't have to shout to be heard - sometimes speaking quietly gets the job done more effectively.
Dalton Andrew 1994 Regarding teaching programming languages: "There are some people who think that you should be learning assembler. Those people also chair their local AA meetings." Regarding the Kalamazoo Gazette's disparate emphasis on student athletics over academics: "If any of you can find a socially acceptable word for 'bullshit' I'd like to hear it."
Pipe Kevin 1994 sacrificing so much of your own time and effort to show us we could achieve more than we thought we could. As I reflect back, with each passing year I am more amazed at how much you have cared about (and contributed greatly to) the success of KAMSC students such as myself... not just in words but more importantly in action. That latter quality has been what has separated you from every other educator I have known.
Reilly Teresa 1994 I remember that "germane" seemed to be a frequently used word... Thanks for keeping things humorous at KAMSC and thanks for all your coaching on college applications!
Arwady Allison 1994 It's funny; I actually didn't know him that well back in high school, but I have such a vivid memory of him cornering me and telling me in no uncertain terms that I simply HAD to attend a wonderful college that had accepted me against the odds. I had grown up with unshakeable plans to attend a different college (with Cabbage Patch doll outfits and even pre-paid tuition to prove it!) and was not at all sure about my decision, rationalizing that I could go to a bigger-name bigger-cost school for grad school instead. I was a little taken aback that this teacher who didn't even know me very well was taking such a strong stance. Now, all these years later, I am so thankful that he helped push me to go out of state and out of my comfort zone. So much of what I love about my life today stems indirectly from that first decision and I am thankful that he was at KAMSC at the time. Just as importantly though, he has been my major link to KAMSC since graduation. I've absolutely loved reconnecting year after year with him and with other KAMSC alums. (I haven't had the most, uh, direct career trajectory, so I've had the pleasure of joining "KAMSC East" dinners in Boston, in New York, and now in New Haven, as I've happily driven myself deeper into academic debt between work and travel stints over the years!) I did actually end up in science--and intend to graduate for the very last time this year--but even back in undergrad when I was a history and literature major spending all of my free time writing travel guides, he made it clear that no matter what we were doing, KAMSC was proud of all of its alums, still happy to help us connect with each other, and still eager to help us individually in any way possible. He has worked very hard to make sure that KAMSC kids are--as much as possible--known and desired quantities at the colleges that will help them build on the fantastic learning base they start in high school. It's an incalculable service for the kids still in school, but also has created an unexpected sense of community even among KAMSC grads who haven't lived in Kalamazoo in years. And, of course, he's done it all in that hilarious and unforgettable style. I'm really quite curious to see what he does next, in so-called "retirement." I'm sure there will be more stories generated and I want to make it clear that he is welcome at any point to visit KAMSC East, KAMSC West, KAMSC Botswana, KAMSC Uganda--or wherever life may take me next. After all, my years at KAMSC--and, in small part, that unsolicited college advice 13 years ago--is what sent me on my way in the first place.
Guthaus Matthew 1994 Descriptions of how the little gnomes inside the computer work. I honestly use it to this day at the college level. :) sharing your wit, sarcasm, and passion of technology.
Emmert Amy 1994 Mr. Streeter embodied energy flow. As an instructor, he was calm and clear and had a sparkle in his eye that no doubt came from the secret knowledge that he had learned to make the Schumpterian gale of creative destruction which tore through his dimly lit room every hour work for him. Lesser men could have been drowned out by sirens announcing temporary crackdowns on the gang activity across the street or overshadowed by students eager to play with the spectacular technology. Mr. Streeter, however, was phenomenally unperturbed by flying text messages or looming deadlines for our more intimidating classes. Instead he would demand order with his irreverent humor much like a dog wags its tail (constantly) and turn our attention back to the Office Suite. His assignments had clear goals, filled reasonable timeframes, and built upon each other to encourage long-term technological knowledge which facilitated our lives as students and empowers us as executives. teaching me about management AND computers. We listed to you because you spoke softly, amused us, and rarely failed to transmit actual valuable knowledge. Due in no small part to your well-designed courses, I have been able to quickly adapt to new English and French data platforms, write effective queries for multilingual text, and help my colleagues become comfortable with new technology. Skills which I learned because of YOU, Mr. Streeter, have been applied to discovery for major litigation, the research which I conducted as a Fulbright Scholar in Morocco, and publications produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize). Thank you for encouraging me to use essential technology effectively!!
Huang Andrew 1993 I always envied the Mac II he had on his desk, back when all we had were Mac SE's. His had a color screen! If I recall correctly his favorite term for describing such objects of desire is "slick". Encouraging me to get my PhD. I wouldn't have done it if you didn't suggest it to me one christmas break. I was feeling pretty unsure about my future and I remember you suggested it might be a good idea to apply just in case, so I went home and did the paperwork and applied just to see what would happen. It's made a lot of difference in my life.
Nguyen (Orvis) Dana 1993 helping us all out along way, and for your dedication to KAMSC from the beginning to make it what it is today.
Foster Zoe 1993 getting me familiar with computers. At least I can generate a spreadsheet and create a decent word document... All thanks to you.
Rogers Julie 1993 helping me in my stressful campaign recount against Jack Hoogendyk. I think we both learned a lot about the democratic process and how difficult it is for people to fill in a circle!
Reddy Rishi 1993 Not sure that I have a favorite Mr. Streeter has been the source of continuity for KAMSC for the last 15+ years. He's been more important to me and to KAMSC since I've left as a person who has kept in touch and maintained contacts for future KAMSC grads. His retirement is truly a loss with respect to our first graduating classes keeping in touch. I wish him the best in his retirement.
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Keckonen Clayman Amanda 1992 I took Mr. Streeter's PASCAL class in 1991. At least, I think it was PASCAL -- it was a computer language that I have never used since the day that semester ended. Although I did not come to love programming in any significant way, I have to say that being in Mr. Streeter's class made me a lifelong fan of the man himself. Mr. Streeter cultivates a very gruff exterior, but anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with him knows that he is actually the most affirming, encouraging, and accepting influence a young person can have. He must be, because I must stress that I had absolutely no aptitude for PASCAL yet he never made me feel like I had nothing to offer in our class. I think my part of the group project that semester was writing the story behind our electronic choose-your-own-adventure story. I don't know if I ever even touched the code (but I did write a damn good story!). being a continued presence in my life (visiting New York, meeting my boyfriend, and then even coming to our wedding!), and thank you for always pulling out the best in your students! Future KAMSC generations will not know what they're missing!
Brizendine Bruce 1992 "Due dates are driven by your productivity..." I'm sure I'm only one of many who remembers these exact words years after turning in their last assignment. It's been probably 16 years since I had the pleasure of sitting in Mr. Streeter's class. I don't exactly recall why I enjoyed his teaching so much. But I specifically remember that I learned so well, and so easily from him. He was truly a natural born teacher.
Pardee Brian 1992 Talking to us about ongoing developments in technology. You prepared us to stay in tune with these developments to stay relevant in today's world.
Pestun Jeff 1992 "History was."
Koestner Kyle 1992 "History just was." ...keeping the KAMSC community together. I really enjoy staying in touch with my family at KAMSC and hope we continue to strenthen and grow the KAMSC community. Thank you!
Gilling Luis 1992 Thank you for sparking and maintaining my interest in computers and information technology. I'm the successful person that I am because of teachers like you who show a genuine interest in their students future success. You knew how to keep your students engaged and interested. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will never forget what you have sown into my life. Thank you very much, Luis
Hudok (Price) Tiffany 1992 "1M of memory is all that you'll ever need" - from a lecture in October of 1990
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DeGraw, MD Marcus 1991 Thank you for all of the wonderful teaching and guidance that you have provided to thousands of Kalamazoo students! I know that your guidance and the others at KAMSC have been a huge difference in who I am and what I now do with my life and I am eternally grateful for that!. Good luck in retirement and have fun!!!
Jamil Taha 1991 True story, a student (I won't mention any names) simultaneously sneezed and farted. Once the laughter died down, Mr. Streeter dryly said, "I don't know whether to bless you or send you to the bathroom." your dedication to KAMSC and us, the (former) students. You somehow morphed from Computer Teacher to Uber Advisor. You will be missed.
Roark Jeremy 1991 I don't think this qualifies as a quote, but I will always remember Pascal (not the language itself, but rather the fact that it was once a common language) and the importance of practicing safe compuing. Thanks. being yourself.
Christian Chris 1991 ..putting up with my schenaigans with the old Mac SE's as well as letting Ben McCall, Matt Dyer and I set-up the first Linux SMTP gateways with WMU way back in the summer of 1992.
Bolton Jay 1991 2nd Place: "...the little knob on the right side of your monitor that removes the unhealthy green glow from your shirt..." 1st Place: "...and, if you get a chance, take a look at what Bolton did. I didn't read it all, but you shoud..." w.r.t. 12 pages of math coprocessor assembly for the "Loans" project. Teaching us that learning where to look is as important as memorizing facts. Reminding us that we never stop learning. Teaching us that often the question is not "can?" but "should?"
Logan Randy 1991 Too long ago to recall, but there were many. Jon was such a nontraditional teacher who taught very well. Making learning interesting and fun. Our Star Trek game project was a great learning experience and you were very encouraging.
ball jay 1991 "it's not as a size of jeans, but a shade of spray paint" the sarcasm, the attitude, the wit; i've used them well in my endeavours
Bishop Brian 1991 "Convenience copies of software are not allowed" - back when both the OS and MS Word/Excel would fit on one 3.5" floppy. giving perspective to a bunch of high school kids who already knew it all. It takes a couple decades to truly understand his actions and opinions.
Beck (Estkowski) Terri 1990 I forever remember Mr. Streeter pointing to the assignment list and saying, “For those of you who are behind, get your work done before you become a bigger behind.” I use that quote, and it makes me smile every time I say or think about it. Everything! Your ability to make us laugh with your uber-dry sense of humor is probably your most memorable trait in my mind. Thank you also for believing in each and everyone of us. I has hyper and socially inept (both of which have improved with age, I'm proud to report), yet somehow you even saw that I had something good to offer. The students of the future will be just slightly less for not having you in their lives.
Schreiber Dan 1990 I took an advanced computer science course with Mr. Streeter, which meant basically getting introduction to advanced languages & techniques, exposure to experts in software and a mentorship opportunity to use that experience. I think Mr. Streeter would say (or he did say) he was mostly providing an opportunity for us to learn and an environment to grow. He did that exceptionally well. Jeff VanDyke and I got to learn the C programming language and develop a program for Upjohn during mentorship that got me my first software development job in college. My only computer science education was in his classes in high school (I never took any in college). I learned how to learn and apply in Mr. Streeter's classes. I've continued on to be a successful software developer in life using those skills. Thanks!
Gorman Robert 1990 This isn't a funny one...Once we were talking about knowledge/intelligence/etc., and I, young and dumb (I've managed to fix one out of two) made a connection between those characteristics and economics. Mr. Streeter said, in his direct and succinct way, "I'm not talking dollars and cents." Clearly this remains a complex issue, but at age 16 I wasn't considering socio-economic nuisances. He made me pause and think. I'll never forget that. Thanks for teaching me how to point and click... obviously, it was much more than that.
Devers James 1990 I like how he referred to the college matriculation process as “buying a degree.” After working seven years for a community college and university, I couldn't think of a more accurate description of the higher education industry. working long and hard to ensure that thousands of students made sound decisions in their college selections.
Logan Casey 1990 Recognizing the power of the Internet before it came to be! In 1986/87, Mr. Steeter showed us the power of these linked pages - some Apple program. I always think of that part of his class as my introduction to the Internet before it became a reality and also made me realize how great of an education I was getting.
Hawkins Rahsaan 1990 making us laugh and making class enjoyable!! Also, for the funny story you told me about making toasts right before I made a toast for Glen at his wedding last year!! making us laugh and making class enjoyable!! Also, for the funny story you told me about making toasts right before I made a toast for Glen at his wedding last year!!
Davis Glen 1990 I have always appreciated Mr. Streeter's advice with regards to both my career and my personal life. Although I have often found myself reaching for a thesaurus so that I could understand his words, he has been and will continue to be a wise voice in my life. Thank you, Mr. Streeter.
Bhargava Rajat 1990 Being such a great role model and mentor to me and so many other students. We owe a great debt of gratitude to you. Thanks! -Rajat
McCall Birgit 1000 Quote: Let me sit on your lap (any time he needed to look at anything on my computer). Everything! Being a wonderful friend, mentor, and used-car salesman. Thank you for keeping in touch and visiting when you were nearby. Thank you for always giving me a deal on your old car. Thanks for always caring. Thanks for being you!!!
Jackson Katie 1000 I can't do this by myself! I said while sitting in Jon and Jane's kitchen talking about colleges for my son Mitchell. There were so many times I reached out to Jon to get his advice, to rant and rave, to let him know what colleges Mitchell was accepted to. Jon always had sound advice and I always felt 100% better after talking with him. Jon was my mentor and I will always, always appreciate everything he did for me and Mitchell to help ease the transition from high school to college. My favorite quote to Jon was "You Are The Man"! Jon will never know the true impact he had on many students at the KAMSC!!! Including parents! As Jon would always say, "Later".
Rowland Karen 1000 I love all of your stories, Jon, and I appreciate your exceptional story-telling abilities. Don't stop sharing all you have experienced...your stories are a great learning tool for all of us! "Before you go and Trick-or-Treat, your applications must be complete." (Am I quoting it correctly?) Also, "Cast your net wide!" Thank you, Jon, for taking the time to come over for dinner and counsel our eldest, Cassie, on her college choices and ideas on how to make the most of her junior year in high school so she could attend the school of her choice. She loves Washington University in St. Louis' Olin School of Business because of the academic environment and the opportunities to grow in her leadership skills. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and encourage us along the way! Your counsel for Brooke and Dustin has also been invaluable, and I believe Brooke will really enjoy law school at Georgetown. Her admitted students weekend was a huge success. A large part of the reason I encouraged Dustin to attend KAMSC was because I heard your talk to parents of 8th graders, and I believed your wisdom and experience would be an invaluable asset to our children as they developed their resume of academic and extracurricular pursuits. I know he will do well at U of M's LSA Honors' College because of the challenges he faced and overcame at KAMSC. And I believe it truly is a 'best fit' for him. Tiffany gleaned some excellent information from completing your annual career and college research assignment. After interviewing and shadowing doctors and optometrists, she got an early start on knowing what direction she wants to go. That personal insight really helped streamline the process for her and gave her a step up to achieve all of her goals regarding both education and having a family. The students at KAMSC have benefited tremendously from your focus and expertise in your role as placement specialist. Please find a way to continue giving guidance to students and parents who need the help :-) You can't really retire...!
Rowland Terry 1000 When a parent is complaining about the cost after getting their student into a better college: "Just shut up and write the check!" Your expertise and insights on the inner workings of admissions at various colleges and your reminders that when all is said and done your kid's success and happiness is more important than having a few more dollars in the bank (okay, QUITE a few more dollars).
Addison Cynthia 1000 We worked in the same school 28 years. Appreciate his style of self expression as it is most often worth listening to with the added benefit of making one think. Daytime Roommate 1988-97 Always appreciated your willingness to help with computer questions and the mysterious ways of the wiring in 403.
Houtrouw Shannon 1000 Actually, the quote that comes to mind was not one that I heard directly but was communicated to me by someone I sat next to on a plane that knew Jon. He said he heard you yell at a soccer referee, "There's a cure for myopia!" It one thing to sit at the table each week and observe what you do for the students. It is another thing entirely to be the parent of a student who is benefitting from the work you do at KAMSC. Thank you for working with and encouraging Daniel. Are you sure you don't want to hang around for two more years until Grace graduates?
Earhart Brenda 1000 Let's see, this is my Brenda's list. your unwavering support of KAMSC,especially the students. The history, the knowledge, and the caring can never be replaced. I will remember you always as a friend.
VanderSloot Teresa 1000 The fact that you truly care about our kids shows in the way you mentor and advise them during their years there with you at KAMSC. The efforts that you put forth to each chold so that they may reach their school of choice is truly appreciated!! Thank you for your assistance and advice with Christine. Thank you for guiding Benjamin so wisely. I wish you the best in your retirement and many happy relaxed years ahead.
Fitz Carolyn 1000 Retirement Kudos for Jon Streeter! What are the first ten words that you would use to describe Jon Streeter? Brave Bold Bright Creative Persistent Optimistic Generous Fun Kind Perceptive What role did Jon Streeter play in the success of KAMSC? Through his vision and enthusiasm and sheer hard work, KAMSC was placed on the academic map as one of the outstanding preparatory schools in the US. Thanks to his courageous endeavors, most of the top colleges and universities in the US came to know about the talented students going to school at KAMSC. Through his skilled college counseling, many KAMSC students achieved wonderful academic opportunities, which later helped them in their careers. What kind of colleague was Jon Streeter? Jon was a team player in a school of prima donnas. He played a major part in designing the school schedule and in educating colleagues in the latest computer jargon and skills. At the weekly faculty meetings, he was a lone voice of support for my off the cuff suggestions. The exchanges went something like this: Carolyn, "What do you think about the idea of doing …(such and such)?" John G., "No, with fist on table." Staff, silence, looking down at the table. Streeter, after a pause: "This suggestion might have some merit." A couple of weeks later, John G. would be putting the idea into action, much to the irritation of the perpetrator of the idea. Jon had the ability to tolerate the weekly staff meetings with good humor and creativity. I appreciated the fact that he listened to new ideas and gave them consideration and found ways to make them achievable, in the midst of considerable resistance. Creativity and good humor are great gifts. Did you ever understand Steeterese? I must say, I never fully understood it. A standard response to one of Jon's proclamations might be, "Did you just say…(such and such)?" What memories do you have of the 10th grade Pretty Lake overnights? Jon and Cam slept in their vehicles, while Marcia and I slept in a tent in the midst of the campers. Neither of the men emerged from their cocoons until morning, while Marcia and I spent a sleep-deprived night shining flashlights into co-ed tents and trying to get the restless campers to get some sleep! Jon's camp stove was a wonderful thing, though, creating hot chocolate and coffee to ward off the autumn early morning chill. Although I have been gone from KAMSC for eleven years, I hold fond memories of the support and friendship of my former colleague, Jon Streeter. It was a pleasure to work with such an outstanding professional. Jon, I wish you good times ahead in your retirement from KAMSC. No one can fill your shoes, but you have more than done your due. Fondly, Carolyn Fitz

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